Fluid framework

for solid web apps

A framework for creating data-rich, visually compelling, easy-to-program and responsive web applications for desktop, tablets and mobile

Powerful data

An efficient client-side database actively synchronises with server-side data only when that data is being used by the client. This ensures only the absolute minimum of data is sent over the wire. A sophisticated dynamic type system ensures the integrity of data structures at all times.


A comprehensive widget based infrastructure makes it trivial to compose new user interfaces. This can be done statically at development time; powerfully however, new interfaces can be composed dynamically from within the browser to create dynamic dashboards, reports and user-driven views of data.

Real-time collaboration

The database and widgets in combination empower users to collaborate in real-time on structured data. Updates are seamlessly pushed via an X-Stitch based cloud infrastructure to ensure that all active viewers and editors of a document are on the same page.

Easy to program

The system was designed from the outset to allow large, complex applications to be developed and maintained by the smallest possible team. Hence much of the complex, error prone, work of wiring together widgets and data can be done in a declarative manner, requiring a minimal amount of boilerplate code.


A sophisticated controller framework manages client-side URL processing and is totally adaptable to desktop, tablet and mobile application environments.

Fast and efficient

By analysing the user's activity, Mafic dynamically adjusts the set of loaded views and data, ensuring the browser's potentially limited, resources are targeted at a smaller run-time application footprint. This maximises usability on limited devices, whilst unleashing blazing performance on PCs.

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